Monday, January 18, 2016

Good Morning, World

A happy 56th birthday to stage and screen actor Mark Rylance, who was just nominated for an Academy Award this past week for his supporting performance as the spy on the bridge in Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies. I actually liked Bridge of Spies quite a bit, more than the general consensus among critics seems to be, but I kind of don't get the praise Rylance's performance has gotten - he's a welcome relief in his scenes with Tom Hanks, he brings a sense of lightness that's often absent, but the performance is, by necessity, too vague to hang onto. I think a lot of his momentum started the second he was cast because of what a towering stage figure he is and it's kept him afloat this whole time. 

Do I want Sylvester Stallone to beat him? I suppose if that does happen it will underline in red ink my thoughts on what the Oscar stands for! But no. That's abhorrent. So it will probably happen. Anyway these shows are from the 2001 film Intimacy, which is (in)famous for its real-thing honest-to-goodness sex scenes - I didn't cap them but if you hit the jump I will give you a little more Mark of a NSFW nature to hold onto...

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