Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do Dump or Marry: High Rise In Your Pants

First things first how hot is that there new poster for High-Rise? This is the second poster that we've posted for this movie (see the first poster that we posted right here) and this tells us that this movie, it's gonna inspire some kick-ass art, it is. I mean just glancing quickly through the imagery in the trailer they released that's clear, too. Visually we can already tell this thing's a boffo eyeball extravaganza. Boffo! For your eyeballs! Extravaganza! Which brings us to...

... an eye-balling of the men-folk in the cast, and how glancing at this behind-the-scenes picture of director Ben Wheatley standing in there alongside Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, and James Purefoy, I realized I needed to force a Do Dump or Marry on y'all. I mean clearly with that most recent nearly nude picture of Tom in this movie still hot on our brains it's not the fairest of fights, but they're all pretty special. I mean look at Luke here, and then look at James here, and then make your decisions about who's getting tossed off the roof, is all I'm saying. Tell us your picks in the comments!


Mads said...

I mean, could this be easier? (Yeah, probably... But still!)

Do: Luke Evans
Dump: James Purefoy
Marry (and do, do, do): Tom Hiddleston

das buut said...

Do: Tom. Just once. I don't think we could get along much further than that.
Dump: James. Two reasons, don't know much about him, and, he shares a name with my sorryass brother.
Marry: Luke. Whatever his problems, I can change him. I would do things to him that would make his hair curl.

Anonymous said...

Do: Luke Evans
Marry: James Purefoy
Kill: Hiddleston.