Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Big Screen Bates

The IFC Center here in NYC is doing a miniature Charlotte Rampling series over the next two months - they're showing eight films from her 50 year career (literally fifty years -- her first two roles were in 1965) starting this weekend and running through the start of March. Clearly this is meant to coincide with what everyone who's seen 45 Years is hoping will be her first Oscar nomination ever (god that's depressing) for 45 Years, in which she's typically devastating -- hell if you've seen the movie you're probably hoping she wins the statue.

Anyway the series starts this weekend with Georgy Girl, her third movie and a great big gargantuan hit which made her a star, and which I just now realized I totally need to go see not because of Rampling and not because of Lynn Redgrave, even though they're both terrific in the movie, but because of Alan Bates, oh Alan Bates, who plays one of my biggest crushes ever put on a screen in it. I've posted about it in exquisite detail before - he's the dreamiest dreamboat in the movie. Don't mind if I do!


Adam said...

Love him in his tighty whities in Georgy Girl. Love him in even less in Women in Love.

joel65913 said...

I haven't seen 45 Years yet but it's not hard to believe she's award worthy. Her lack of a nomination up until now is a scandal, especially when you consider she was knocking it out of the park right from the beginning with Georgy Girl. Then there's Under the Sand and Swimming Pool and so many others.

ALAN BATES!!!! Big sigh!

Bill Carter said...

In addition to giving a series of brilliant and intelligent performances over the years--in three languages, btw--she was drop-dead gorgeous in the 60s and 70s. Recognition long overdue.