Thursday, December 10, 2015

Don't Walk Away From Me, Chad Radwell

On second thought... stay turned like that.

Oh god I am going to miss Chad Radwell

I don't know what the plans are for the next season of Scream Queens - I had thought they would reinvent the series with some of the same actors, the same way they do with American Horror Story, but after that ending (no spoilers) I wonder if they aren't just carrying it on to a new location and staying with the survivors? Ryan Murphy may have talked about this by now but I was avoiding his interviews because he'll always just drop a hot spoiler no warning.

Have I got other fans of the show on here? I've heard lots of people hating on it but at least my friend Joe Reid loved the show too (read his recap of the finale here) so I don't feel totally alone.


Anonymous said...

He has such a nice shape to him. I wish I looked that good in a shirt and pants. Instead, I look like a cubist Picasso painting.

Bismark said...

Yasss...!!! I agree with you and many people: WE NEED MORE Chad Radwell ON OUR LIVES ;D

And What a finale ScreamQueens had! WOW I really enjoyed it :D And for me the series was a super fun Hot-Mess from start to finish and I want more...

I LOVED every bit of it. Also, I was SO surprised by how It all went down! And I do want a second season with the same FANTASTIC characters.

Anonymous said...

I like it but it would have worked better as half hour episodes, too much time spent with Grace and the dude doing McConehey impressions. And it also would have made the Chanels a little less grating. 12 hour long episodes is a long time for Little Miss Sunshine to chew scenery.

Also Carrie Fisher's daughter is amazing.

Glenn said...

The finale was fantastic. I was laughing pretty must non stop. Hester's transcript! Never more so than during the big reveal sequence. The stripper cops! Chanel #5's parents disowning her! Niecy Nash's one-liners and her reaction to Hester being homeschooled. Best of all, Chanel's ridiculously simple "Dumb-ass Grace and Stupid Zayday" had me in fits. So good.

I kinda wish they hadn't done the asylum stuff since they easily could've made that at least part of the premise of season 2 (which, I wasn't aware there was going to be one - the ratings weren't that great).

creamycamper said...

I LOVE Scream Queens too!! My favorite part of the season, aside from Chad, was when Chanel #2 (Ms Grande) was being murdered and she almost got her online post sent before she died, then woke up and hit enter. Cracked my shit UP!