Friday, November 20, 2015

Who's Hungry Now

As I figured earlier I've run out of time today to write up a proper review for the final Hunger Games movie, which I assume every damn last of you are going to see this weekend, so let me just say I thought it was swell, a terrific final installment, and reminded me of everything I liked about Suzanne Collins' book series way forever back when. (What, like five whole years ago?) I left satisfied! Please take to the comments here over the weekend and tell me your thoughts, if you like! And enjoy it, it being the weekend, everyone...


Faith Ike-Elechi said...

hi? I've been really interested in your blogs lately but have no idea how to 'follow' your blog...? Is there maybe a specific way in which I can click a button to follow you/your blog just so that I can stay updated and don't lose/forget your site (because I'm very forgetful :/ )

I've never used blogger before and navigating my way round, trying to find a possible 'follow' button your blog and profile has been unproductively torturous haha :)

mangrove said...

They really stuck the landing, didn't they?

Are you going to give us a 'proper' review or is there just too much on your plate?