Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Morning, World

Stonewall came and went and it seems like everybody would rather just forget the experience so god forbid I peel off the scab but I stumbled upon this shot of star Jeremy Irvine in just tighty-whities the other day (it's from this behind-the-scenes video on the set) and you know what, fuck it, I am posting this. I didn't see the film so I can't say whether the furor that greeted it was on point or not but this image is only about love, not hate, and acceptance, not rejection. Feel the love, y'all.


Adam said...

I'm mostly upset that there's a man who can wear tighty whities and manages not to have a bulge.

Anonymous said...

No bulge and no ass. He looks like a girl from the waist down.

das buut said...

The old twofer. Two pairs of underwear, no waiting.