Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Moment(s) I Fell For... Scoot McNairy

A happy 38th birthday to one of my favorite actors working today, Scoot McNairy. I still can't believe we're getting a third season of Halt and Catch Fire - what a wonder! Although when I think of all the misery they heaped upon Scoot's character Gordon this year maybe I should fear more episodes for him -- I mean at least he survived this go-round! Who knows what'll happen next...? Maybe Lee Pace's Joe will finally work his charms...

If only. Anyway I wish I could say that the moment I fell for Scoot was in Gareth Edwards' 2010 low-budget monster movie Monsters - it is the first place I remember seeing Scoot, that much is true, but I found the characters fairly annoying in that movie. (I did appreciate him running around in just boxer shorts though.)

So if I was going to pick the place I first fell for him.. well I always hate to give Ben Affleck and his 75% crappy movie Argo any credit but I loved a lot of the supporting cast in that film, and it was the first time we saw (before Halt and Catch Fire re-teamed them) how wonderful Scoot and Kerry Bishé could be together.

Did anybody see David Gordon Green's movie Our Brand Is Crisis? It seems to have come and gone with barely a whisper (I usually always sit up and pay attention for DGG movies) but I am curious if Scoot's got anything to do in it. Coming up he's got his mystery role in Batman V Superman (probably as the Flash) but even more enticingly he's re-teaming with Animal Kingdom director David Michôd (they worked together last year on The Rover, which I liked a lot) for War Machine with Brad Pitt, an Afghanistan War satire that we told you about previously - it is based on this book and it sounds great.

So happy birthday, Scoot! We have a feeling we'll be enjoying his company for a very long time. And now a poll, for fun's sake...


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