Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Liam Hemsworth Eight Times

I'm seeing the final Hunger Games movie in a week and one day - how about you guys? Already got your tickets? The anticipation feels kind of muted at this point somehow, doesn't it? Jennifer Lawrence is falling over in public again trying to get our attention, even. But I think we might all be Hunger-Games-outed by now. I think splitting the final movie into two was probably a mistake.

Well let's hope they stick the landing anyway - after all these hours upon hours of watching it would blooooooooooow if they didn't. We'd all have to march on the Capitol (aka Lionsgate) ourselves! The Mockingjay Riots of 2015! (pics via; click em' to embiggen)

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dre said...

Jesus. These Hemsworth brothers are un-fucking-believable. COME ON!