Friday, October 23, 2015

I Am Link

--- Flame On - I'm behind on news (too busy posting butt-cheeks, I guess) so some of these stories are a little old, like this - Crimson Peak is already a week-old and declared a flop (even though it's absolutely fabulous and you all need to see it) but while making the press rounds Jessica Chastain geeked out over meeting Austrian provocateur (aka beloved dickhead) Michael Haneke, proving Jessica Chastain remains the coolest. Also the coolest her Crimson director Guillermo Del Toro, who gave his Top Ten Horror Movie list to HitFix. It's a good list!

--- Slash To The Stars - Noted Horror Expert slash our pal slash Final Girl Stacie Ponder put the emphasis on the slashes when talking to The New York Times (!!!) about slasher movie final girls -- reason number one billion to love Stacie: She gets love for Friday the 13th Part 2's leading lady Ginny (played by Amy Steel), considered by those in the know to be the premiere final girl of all the final girls. We just love her so. Oh and if you haven't been over to Final Girl lately, do! Stacie's been reviewing a movie a day for "Shocktober!" and she's covered a bunch of great ones.

--- Hot Iago - Great, another expensive theater experience that I won't be able to go see because money sucks -- Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo are starring in an adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello in the Spring. Well it's "off" Broadway so maybe it'll be affordable...? And maybe while I'm dreaming up things that won't happen maybe they'll turn the entire play into the sadistic homoerotic fuck-fest that it's always cried out to be.

--- Liquid Eyeliner - Famous 90s Club Kid James St James apparently wrote a memoir called Freak Show and it's being turned into a film that Sting's wife Trudi Styler is directing? Okay. I only mention it because Bette Midler's been cast as the lead character's mother, and my Beaches-raised ass will forever adore Miss M. I wish something would come out of her publicly clamoring to play Amy Schumer's mother in her next movie but I think Bette's burned an awful lot of bridges in Hollywood so I have my doubts...

--- The Original Fancy Man - Not to be all "Pshaw I already knew all of this!" but I was indeed very familiar with the story of William Haines, the so-called "First Out Gay Leading Man" from the 1920s who became an interior decorator to the stars when he refused to pretend he was straight - I've got a book about his design filled with pictures of Joan Crawford because I'm an A+ Homosexual thank you very much. But still Slate did a great job telling the story, it's worth a read if you don't know it.

--- Love Me Murderer - Over at The Film Experience Manuel beat me to reviewing You're Killing Me, the gay serial killer comedy that's showing at NewFest - well he beat me because I haven't watched it yet, I will watch it this weekend. But it looks fun; I do love Drew Droege, the comedian who's most famous for his Chloe Sevigny web-videos; I saw his one-man show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns and he is no one-trick pony, he is straight-up amazing.

--- Of Which She Is Very Proud - I can't remember what the context was but I went on this rant about the awesomeness of Jan Hooks this past weekend (rant's not really the right word since it was a happy expression of love - a happy rant!) and how awful it is that she's gone, so clearly I put it into the ether and inspired this long piece on her awesomeness at Grantland. Anyway we would be anxiously awaiting her cameo as Tina the Alamo Tour Guide in the new Pee-wee Herman movie in a decent world, sigh. Tortilla! (Thanks Mac)

--- And Finally I haven't even watched this yet but I will after I post it (I'm always bent backwards, you know this) -- the trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has arrived, which stars blah blah a whole bunch of ladies and also the super sexy Douglas Booth and he's what I am there for, if I am there at all, which is just a maybe. But I know the general consensus on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is not good but the consensus is wrong and if this is fun like that I'll have fun? Fun.



sissyinhwd said...

There was an excellent biography of William Haines about 15 years back called WISECRACKER. I watched a few of his films and loved his persona, especially in the silents. I highly recommend TELL IT TO THE MARINES with Lon Chaney and King Vidor's delightful SHOW PEOPLE with Marion Davies. SHOW PEOPLE also proves Davies was a talented comedienne and not the no-talent that history has deemed for her. One of Haines talkies WAY OUT WEST is an absolute gay romp. There was something charming about his "wisecracker" characters. His star on Hollywood Blvd is in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel directly across from Grauman's Chinese Theatre. They had to close down the street when GO TELL THE MARINES premiered there because of the throngs there to see Billy Haines. It seems the only ones who were bothered by Haines was the studio and the code; the audiences loved him.

Anonymous said...

As great as Midler would be as Schumer's mom, Jennifer Coolidge played Schumer's mom in one of her sketches which is pretty brilliant casting. The world needs more Coolidge as it is (and more Midler - maybe Schumer can just be really progressive in her next movie and have two moms?).