Friday, November 06, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #36


This morning I got tickets to finally see Ramin Bahrani's 99 Homes (thanks to MoMA's yearly "The Contenders" series, which is totally the best) and that put Andrew Garfield on my mind and before you knew it I was watching clips of Spider-bum in action and here we are. 

I can't imagine Andy wants to think too much about Spider-man right now, given the sound ass-tossing he's been given, but at least he's got good projects lined up. I trust he can shimmy the stink of these movies off and have a long career. 

But as long as we're talking Spider-man...

... have you guys seen that video (via) of the new Spider-man Tom Holland doing gymnastics training for the role? Wow! He is an impressive little thing, isn't he?

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