Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Xavier Samuel Three Times

Well today's just been a bust, I still haven't gotten what I want (insert snitty fit throw here) so whatever, I'm not getting anything done at this point. My hands, consider them tossed! But since what I want doubly's got to do with Xavier Samuel (the Scary Movies fest is showing both the new Frankenstein from Paperhouse director Bernard Rose that Xavier stars in as well as showing the new horror film from the director of Xavier's awesome movie The Loved Ones) here, a couple of Xavier pics to tide us all over, make everything in the goddamned world seem slightly less annoying.

1 comment:

Bill Carter said...

Oh, come on, Xavier! With your face and body, you give us pictures that are 99% bulky sweater?

We want to see you, not some ad for the Australian National Wool Export Board.

Surely Speedo is looking for a new spokesperson these days....