Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good Morning, Spader

This morning's gratuity is terrifically random, only not really - anybody remember the 1988 serial killer thriller Jack's Back, starring James Spader as a sultry 80s-era James Spader type reenacting Jack the Ripper? I certainly didn't until the news broke on Twitter last night that the film is getting packaged up for a fancy blu-ray release via Shout Factory. It'll hit in January, which is totally too late for all those 80s-era James Spader lovers in your life's stockings to be stuffed with, what are they thinking? 

Anyway the only thing I remember about the movie, which I don't believe I've ever seen, is the VHS cover, which did feature a nice selection of Spader-chest-hair that I'm sure I appreciated at the time. That was enough to get me digging and lo behold there are some prime scenes of prime Spader in prime underpants. (The whole movie is on YouTube btw.) Hit the jump for a ton of caps...


Mattia Nuzzo said...

The ravages of time have not been kind.

The New Me said...

Perhaps not but his work certainly got better