Monday, October 26, 2015

Siggy Ain't Clownin' 'Round

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Jon Amiel's serial-killer-thriller Copycat, which I always want to call "underrated" but then I realize I probably haven't watched the film in at least 15 years so maybe I should see it again before making such claims? Anyway I loved it in 1995, and not just because it starred two great actresses - Sigourney & Holly Hunter, how can you go wrong? No circa 1995 I also loved the two main men in the film, Dermot Mulroney and William "The Nice Boy from Stella!" McNamara... so let's make you pick between them!



joel65913 said...

Dermot hands down. William McNamara was cute in a puppy dog way but he was too twinky for me.

Mark Johnson said...

I first remember McNamara from his gay-themed *Doing Time on Maple Drive*. Great little movie and also the best thing Jim Carey has ever done.

Still I voted for Dermot. McNamara is a pretty boy but I prefer men.

Heather said...

In 1995, I would have said Billy. Now I have to say Dermot.

Rob K. said...

Trust me: Copycat is not a good movie. It's not *horrible*, but not one for the ages.

Anonymous said...

McNamara never did it for me. He always looked like a pouty, entitled brat. '95 Dermot all the way.