Monday, October 26, 2015

I Am Link

--- Amazing Bryan - In case you were worried that one Bryan Fuller show (his Neil Gaiman adaptation American Gods for Starz) wasn't going to be enough to fill the Hannibal shaped hole in your black heart, no worries -- he's doing a second show now! It was just announced that he is reviving Amazing Stories, Steven Spielberg's 80s sci-fi anthology series, for NBC! (Spielberg is not involved.) I watched the hell out of Amazing Stories at the time but I haven't seen a single one since they first aired but this seems like it could be something lighter for Bryan to dig into - I remember it all feeling very 80s Spielbergian, a la E.T. But I'm sure Bryan will make it his own -- his delightful own! 

--- Milky Substance - I wonder if Edgar Wright heard me bitching last week about his slowed-down output ever since Ant-Man collapsed - he's already lining up his next project for after Baby Driver films, and it's... with Johnny Depp? Once upon a time this would've sounded exciting but I kinda groan at the thought of Johnny Depp now. But if anybody can do something with that clown, it's Edgar. Edgar... and Neil Gaiman? So they're making a movie out of Gaiman's time-travel children's book Fortunately, The Milk, apparently. Okay? Anybody read this one? I missed this one somehow. I'm still waiting for my Graveyard Book movie.

--- Shimmer & Glow - Before Benjamin Walker slips into his translucent rain slicker as Patrick Bateman in the American Psycho musical on Broadway he's going to film a Memento-ish thriller called Shimmer Lake, which was written by and will be directed by one of the co-writers of 22 Jump Street. I'm surprised more movies haven't tried to spin off of Memento's structural lessons but then that whole backwards thing is a tricky tightrope and I can think of about fifty thousand ways they could fail. The film also has Adam Pally and Ron Livingston in the cast. (thanks Mac)

--- Royal Pains - We're still several weeks out from the US release of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard's MacBeth, but I know it's out all over the place otherwise and over at The Film Experience Andrew has gone and reviewed the movie -- his is the first I've read (I've been avoiding them) and it's pretty mixed, but it sounds like he liked Fassy's performance at least.

--- Blond Ambition - We've been keeping close tabs on Loving, director Jeff "Take Shelter" Nichols new film about the court case "Loving V. Virginia" that ended the US ban on interracial marriage, both because Nichols is awesome and because we love Joel Edgerton, who's starring -- when we saw those pictures of him in Toronto last month with bleached hair we were right on it! Well now there's an official pic from the movie, see it over at The Playlist, and he & Ruth Negga look perfect.

--- Eat It - Empire Magazine has got Jared Leto in his Joker get-up for the Suicide Squad movie on their cover and yeah, he looks ridiculous. I s'pose he is playing a psychotic clown so "ridiculous" very well might work; I just have very little patience for Leto at this point, but maybe y'all can keep more of an open mind. That tummy mouth though... no. I guess I'm probably just irritable that there aren't any good new pictures of Jai Courtney or Joel Kinnaman. Give the people meaning me what they meaning me want.

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Petey said...

NBC has put up full episodes of Amazing Stories that you can watch at ... unfortunately, the content is region-locked, which means that International readers are out of luck :(