Friday, October 02, 2015

My Man Fassy

As I believe I've made mention of about fifteen thousand times today I am seeing Steve Jobs tomorrow, whoopee! I am genuinely excited, even if Aaron Sorkin is the man who crafted the entire thing (he made the words and apparently the words are what it's all about) and his writing generally gets my skin rashy. We will see, but man oh man do I love that cast. And Danny Boyle! And they're all gonna be there after my screening for a press conference... so Fassy, I'm coming for you. (I doubt that's the first time that sentence has been uttered. Even by me!) Speaking of here's a perfectly nice interview with the man the myth the Fassy-legend himself at Elle, which y'all can use to keep yourselves over the course of this long cold weekend. (Or click on this picture from Macbeth, that'll do the trick too.) They really do get some classic quotes from all kinds of his collaborators, it's well worth a read. (Thanks Mac.)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

technocrats like jobs deserve to be planted in the ground. they think they are gods. "i make the world a better place!" you all line your pockets you greedy fools.