Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Am Link

--- Patty Cakes - Patrick Wilson talked to ET about his Emmy buzz for Fargo but somehow the entire conversation revolved around his past on-screen nudity, which is fine with me! It doesn't sound fine with him though, he's kind of testy on the subject:

"People say, ‘Oh God, you show your butt in every movie,’” Wilson says. “Well, no I don’t. It’s the same people who go, ‘You’re in every horror movie.’ Well, no, I’ve done like three out of 40."

He's talking directly at me there, isn't he? He admits he's shown his butt in five films, which is true, although isn't Angels in America a four hour long Patrick Wilson's Butt Aria? That's how In remember it. And even if he doesn't show actual nudity in his other films he's often in very nearly naked or his underwear (see here and here and here for just a smattering of examples) plus he starred in The Full Monty on Broadway. So you can excuse our confusion, slash elation, P-Dawg. We love you and your perfect adult male self, don't be like that. (thanks Mac)

--- Seb in the Stars - Jessica Chastain and director Xavier Dolan, who are set to film a movie together next year (along with Kit Harington in the role of "hot piece that Xavier will ogle with his camera much to all of our enjoyment" have been chatting it up on Twitter and it's adorable -- Xavier's take-away from The Martian was that he wants to live in outer space with Sebastian Stan, and who can blame him? Sign me for the space orgies too!

--- Mommie Queerest - I remember there being talk of this being a possibility recently but now it's more than possible, it is reality - character actress Rutayna Alda, whose face you've seen in all kinds of places from The Deer Hunter to The Fury, has written her memoirs and self-published them on Amazon, and judging by the title -- The Mommie Dearest Diary -- they focus a lot on that film, in which she played Faye Dunaway's assistant. Read more about them over here. It sounds like she doesn't skimp on the dirt, thank goodness! She also did a ton of horror movies, including The Stuff - I want a chapter on The Stuff!

--- Scud Studs - The set of Sand Castle - that military movie with Henry Cavill and Nicholas Hoult - just got a little less gay as Noted Homosexual Luke Evans has had to drop off of the picture; he will be replaced by the very pretty but seemingly heterosexual Noted Tom Hardy Doppelganger Logan Marshall-Green. Oh and I missed this news last week but the best thing to come out of Scream Queens, Glen "Chad Radwell" Powell, also joined the movie. I look forward to him and Cavill wrestling in fatigues.

--- After Wild - Laura Dern + Reese Witherspoon are teaming up to produce an HBO series based on another book by the author of Wild called Tiny Beautiful Things, which is a book of essays from an advice column she did - it'll be shaped into a series about a Portland family "who live by the mantra that the truth will never kill you." I personally think truth is overrated, but whatever, I love you Laura Dern. I hope she stars in it.

--- And Finally we have the first picture of sorts of Michael Fassbender on the set of his upcoming video-game adaptation Assassin's Creed, via his production company's Twitter:



das buut said...

Superman saw the Mykinos pics and got pissed he was replaced as the hairy cabana boy. At least, that's my take.

Adam said...

Not sure if you caught that photo I posted over on JustADream of Patrick Wilson in his briefs in The Full Monty. I posted it with you in mind!

Jason Adams said...

I did catch that picture, Adam! I totally gotta post that on the Tumblr, thanks for sharing it - good god PW is too much man