Friday, October 02, 2015

Harvey's in it for the Long (Gyllen) Haul

I kind of figured that the two-punch of middling reviews and middling-er box office receipts (both which the film deserved IMO) had killed Southpaw's Oscar momentum, but Harvey Weinstein -- who publicly crowed about getting Jake a Best Actor nomination for the film was back at Cannes -- isn't one to rest on his laurels ya know, and so he's re-releasing the picture on a few hundred screens this weekend, giving it a proper seasonal push. The movie is out on blu-ray at the end of October so this will be a short re-run. 

I kind of feel like this is an investment in Future Jake -- I don't pay a ton of attention to the awards races but I would kinda be surprised if he got nominated for this movie this year; is anybody not named Harvey Weinstein that enthusiastic about Southpaw? Given our coverage here at MNPP had been, you know, enthusiastic, I was obviously Target Audience #1, and save the spectacle of Jake's shredded everything I left the film feeling fairly meh. 



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think he'd get nominated for "Southpaw" on its own merits, but they might do it to make up for not nominating him in "Nightcrawler" which he clearly deserved.

olins said...

Hey if "Gladiator" can be the best picture then anything possible.