Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #24

Am I really gonna do this? I guess I'm really gonna do this. Prepare yourselves for TMI, probably. You were warned. (Although I'm surprised I haven't shared this specific too-much-information already, honestly.)

Anyway don't get me wrong, my well-documented library fetish goes way way back to childhood, I have numerous vivid happy memories of libraries as a wee little book-lover... 

... so when I went to college (as an English major, natch) it only made sense for me to take a part-time job working in the campus library. I worked at the main desk, checking in and out books, and also opening and closing the enormous building. You'd have to walk the entire library, floor by floor, locking it up as you went.

My Junior Year this insanely adorable Freshman became my co-worker. He wasn't my usual type at all - for one he was younger (I've typically always like guys older than me) and for another he had this floppy blond hair and at the time, as a still rather close-minded 20 year old, I had a narrow view of attraction...

... I mean if you look around MNPP I've clearly 
still got a type (dark hair preferential) 
but back then I was really very rigid about it. 

I was much more Daniel Radcliffe than Dane DeHaan. Point being I was somehow surprised that a six-foot tall 18 year old rowing team member with rosy cheeks was getting me going, and yes in retrospect that seems like the definition of insanity. WTF, me.

Anyway we flirted for ages, and to get to the point 
one night he brought a bottle of booze to work...

... and as we went through the library 
checking the stacks for stray patrons 
one drink led to another and before you knew it...

... we were slamming each other 
against the Dewey Decimal System. 

And this scene in Kill Your Darlings totally reminds me 
of that wonderful memory every time. 

So thank you, Kill Your Darlings.

Thank you very much.

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Remington said...

Wow! This story made my night, lol! ;) Thank you, Jason! :)