Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lumber Jake

Filming's apparently begun in Los Anegeles on Tom Ford's second film Nocturnal Animals, and spotted on the set yesterday (via, thanks Mac) was Jake Gyllenhaal and Isla Fisher - the film, an adaptation of the book Tony and Susan by Austin Wright (read a few of our previous posts about it here and here and here), also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and then a cascade of hot dudes including Armie Hammer, Aaron Johnson, and that dude who ejaculates in 3D in Gaspar Noe's new movie. (I imagine that was his audition tape as far as Tom Ford was concerned.) Blah blah we're here to make googly-eyeballs at Jake, hit the jump for several more pictures of him standing around the set being Jake...

1 comment:

das buut said...

Hey, popparoachis, I'm gonna have to ask ya'll to quit taking pics of my boyfriend. Yeah, Jake is mine. *says not stalker person, at all, not at all*

Oh, Jake, you are so fine, so fine you blow my mind.

I can die happy now.