Friday, October 23, 2015

Do The Nasty

So what are you guys planning on seeing this weekend? Steve Jobs is finally going nationwide and I highly recommend you see it, but in limited release (which might very well mean just here in New York City to be honest, I live in such a bubble I have no idea) you can maybe finally see Sebastian Silva's Nasty Baby with Silva himself (seen above) and Kristen Wiig, which lives up to its name and is really very fantastic, here's my review from way back. I wish this quote of mine had made it onto the posters:

"Girls In Extremis -- it is Hanna Horvath's Hostel."

I personally have gotten crazy behind with movies; I mean the fact that I haven't made it out to see Room yet is unspeakable, an abomination. I am overdue a face-slap, Brie Larson! Same goes for Beasts of No Nation, which has been angrily glaring at me from my Netflix account. I have a lot to do this weekend! What about you?

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Mads said...

Yeah, rub it in. "Room" and "Steve Jobs" are still nowhere near opening here, and I missed "Nasty Baby" during its festival run.

I'll be seeing the Swedish "My Little Sister" tomorrow, and hopefully "Legend" and/or "Mistress America" on Sunday. Oh, and you know... "Beasts of No Nation" exists.