Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Good Morning, Marty McFly

"Where are my pants?!?!?"
"Over there... on my hope chest."

Lea Thompson is so fantastic in this movie, isn't she? She doesn't get enough credit for her work in all the films. Anyway -- happy Back to the Future Day everybody! It's the day of flux capicitating, it's the day for Future Biff and Little Elijah Wood and all that jazz. I'm sure some asshole somewhere's already gone on and on about it in your own personal life so I will spare you, but yes, I too am one of those assholes. I mean I was 11 when the second Back to the Future film came out, did you think I could be otherwise? 

I don't know that we'll celebrate the day much more today here on the blog, I'm sure the internet will be hopping with it, but I figured that even though we've given good love to this scene from the first film before, which turned an entire generation onto the wonders of Calvin Klein, it was our place to focus in on this moment, at least.

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