Wednesday, October 21, 2015

And Edgar Ramirez, And Isabella Rossellini, And

The new trailer for David O. Russell's cinematic wet-willy for Jennifer Lawrence called Joy has been released and I am annoyed that the only people that get their names in the trailer are Jen, Robert De Niro, and Bradley Cooper -- especially since I'm pretty sure the latter is supposed to be a microscopic role. What about Edgar Ramirez, who plays JLaw's husband and is all over the trailer looking lush-lipped and lovely?

And don't even get e started on Isabella Rossellini, who looks glorious. I know this movie's supposed to be more of a star vehicle than Russell's last several but we all go to his movies for the supporting performances, come on now. Here's the trailer anyway:
The movie's out at Christmas. I don't think anybody has seen it yet, have they? I haven't loved one of his movies since I Heart Huckabees (The Fighter's very good but I don't love it) so I'm kinda defeatist towards this flick but maybe he'll swing back towards his old self. At least I'll have Edgar to stare at.

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Will h said...

I didn't like American Hustle very much at all, but, god help me, this one looks pretty great to me. I mean, Elisabeth Rohm looks to be camping it to the ceiling fan.