Friday, October 23, 2015

George Stults Is Taunting Me


Just when I thought I was out they keep pulling me back in! I am trying to move on to other less ass-centric things today, write some proper words or whatever, but before I can type as much as a single pithy turn of phrase, as is my wont, it's brought to my attention that one day after I posted that big post celebrating the actor George Stults' ass-centric Instagram account he went and posted the above video of, you guess it, total ass-mania. There's no escape! Anyway I made some gifs, of course I did, but to keep our main page from resembling nothing but a proctologist's office I am putting them both after the jump so hit it if you need those in your life...


Anonymous said...

Damn, he thirsty, but I'll take it.

J.D. said...

oh yeah!