Friday, October 09, 2015

Don't You Dare Cry For Garrett Hedlund

He might have another massive flop on his hands with Pan
(sidenote: I'd like to have his massive flop on my hands)
but he still looks like Garrett Hedlund. No tears for him.


sowhatelse said...

Really? He just doesn't do it for me in any way. You and I agree on so many things, but Garrett Hedlund is not one of them.

Rhiordan said...

Ohhhh - but have you heard him speak? Like sun-warmed motor oil.

Anonymous said...

I've seen him in a few movies and have yet to be impressed by him. His looks are generic. His acting is neither good nor bad. And he has no star quality. He pretty much disappears into the wallpaper. Add to that his name means nothing at the box office so I have no idea why he keeps getting cast. Pan sounded like a hot mess when it was first announced and the trailer only proves it. What were any of them thinking?

JH said...

Have you guys seen that treasure trail?!?! Seriously - damn!