Friday, October 09, 2015

Do Dump or Marry - My Three Fassies

Today is the director Steve McQueen's 46th birthday, and while he preps his TV series called Codes of Conduct for HBO (which we've talked about before but just now learned it co-stars Sam Reid, who's so goddamned gorgeous we can't believe we haven't properly posted on him before) let us look back at his three major works and the single star therein -- of course we're talking Michael Fassbender. (When aren't we talking Michael Fassbender?)

This works out well since Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs (which I reviewed from the New York Film Festival earlier this week, in case you missed it) is out in theaters today too, and you should be going to see that. Anyway Fassy has played three roles for Mr. McQueen...

Bobby Sands in Hunger
Brandon in Shame
Edwin Epps in 12 Years a Slave

And even though it seems fairly clear cut what the only sane options are even before I ask this question, I'm gonna ask it anyway - take to the comments and Do Dump or Marry the Three Fassies!


Legend Rivera said...

Do Bobby Sands.
Do Brandon.
And do Edwin Epps.

Wyatt Renfro said...

Do Shame Fassy. Knows how to fuck.
Dump 12 Years Fassy. I don't want somebody else whipping me. Wait, what?
Marry Hunger Fassy? I had no choice.

Unknown said...

Do shame fassy, dump hunger fassy, marry 12 years fassy (for the way he looks. Although i wouldnt mind getting whipped by him... And that beard is so sexy)

Lucky said...

I'd do Edwin. I think he'd be rough.
Marry Hunger Fassy because he has ideals and I guess I'd respect that.
Dump Brandon. Too many issues.

Daniel said...

Oh DO Brandon. Is that even a question?

For the other two, it's tougher. My head is saying marry Master Epps (and get the ability to buy the happiness you lose when he inevitably starts fucking his slaves instead of you) and dump Bobby Sands (too much sadness heading your way otherwise), while my heart is saying marry Bobby (he believes so much in what's right!) and dump Epps (the cold-hearted bastard).

Of course, that last observation just sold me on marrying Epps. I have a weird attraction to cold-hearted bastards. Especially ones that look like that.