Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Extra U Is For Unbelievable

I'll be seeing The Lobster, the new film from Dogtooth director Yorgos Lanthimos, in just about two days (ya-friggin-hoo it's about time), but news of his next flick has managed to beat me to it... and it's a whopper - he's going to direct The Favourite (do you think they'll change the spelling for American audiences, lest we get confused?), a bio-pic-ish thing about Queen Anne, the Brit-monarch from the tail-end of the 17th Century, and it will star Olivia Colman (an apparently beloved British actress that I don't recognize at first glance) as the Queen, alongside Kate WInlset and Emma Stone (!!!) as a couple other ladies whom you can read the specifics on at that first link. The big point being -- a movie starring Kate Winslet from the director of Dogtooth! We are not worthy.


Yummy Pizza said...

Colman is fucking amazing. I hope you'll open up your eyes for her after seeing The Lobster (from what I hear she's got a good part, although I don't know how big it is). She's both incredibly comedic (Mitchell and Webb, Beautiful People) and dramatic (Tyrannosaur, Broadchurch). Been following her for years and it's due time she's getting widespread recognition and a starring role.
I'm a fan of both Kate and Emma but Olivia is just that ducking awesome.

JA said...

That's for the info, YP - I figured that, given the sense Yorgos can literally cast anyone on Earth right now and he picked her, it must mean she's awesome

Rob S said...

She played Thatcher's daughter in the iron lady