Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coasting Through the Heat Lap Trial

I am so profoundly and deeply ashamed that my reaction to the news that Jake Gyllenhaal & Benedict Cumberbatch are in talks to star in a movie about the 1880s feud over electricity between George Westinghouse & Thomas Edison was to suddenly have "Greased Lightning" stuck in my head, but there we have it. I am a faulty human being, send me off to the glue factory. As for the movie it's called The Current War and the dude who directed Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is set to direct it next year. Oh and here's what George Westinghouse looked like, in case you wanna picture the epic muttonchops coming Jakey's way:

And while he's growing those suckers out I am going to run off and write a movie called The Currant War, about the fight in my house every Saturday morning over the remaining jellies in the refrigerator, and try to get it out in theaters first. I'll show them!

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