Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Paint Me Like One Of Your Lost Boys,Mr.Hedlund

I haven't seen Pan yet but the reviews I've skimmed have been pretty brutal (critics sure are happy they can pun the heck out of the word "pan," the clever girls) and that makes me newly sad for Garrett Hedlund - dude cannot catch a break. Although, as I did when I said something similar with Ryan Reynolds earlier, I should add the footnote of "except in the looks department, obviously." 

But career-wise Garrett even managed to make a bad movie with the Coen Brothers, which seemed previously nigh unthinkable. And now his gorgeous proto-Hook is already being dumped into the scrap-heap before he's even gotten a chance. What a waste. Well fingers crossed that his upcoming football movie with Ang Lee is, you know, the right stuff.

For now let's get back to the "looks department" stuff though, because hey look it's a photo-shoot of him we haven't posted before. It seems impossible, given his un-humble beginnings, that he's managed to get more attractive with time, but he has, the prick.

And if you hit the jump you can see
 several more examples of it.

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