Friday, September 11, 2015

Farley Granger One Time

Remind me I need to do a "Gratuitous Farley Granger" post; I just checked our archives and they're shockingly slim! (Here's the best thing, and it's woefully undernourished.) Also, remind me to buy a copy of Farley'ss autobiography while I'm at it. Oh and I need to watch his film with Visconti called Senso as well; be a doll and pencil that in for me this weekend. (Thanks to Daniel for the reminder!)

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Pierce said...

His autobiography is pretty good. I read it last year. I have a framed poster of the movie Enchantment which he made with David Niven, Theresa Wright and Evelyn Keyes in my bedroom and after looking at it long enough, decided to read about Granger. He's in several good movies, including Strangers on a Train and Rope, both directed by Alfred Hitchcock.