Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Write This Movie

If John Waters made a movie starring Tilda Swinton, 
what would it be? Tell me in the comments!


sissyinhwd said...

She'd play John Waters and Waters would play Tilda about them trying to pitch a remake of Pink Flamingos.

Anonymous said...

I had IDEAS but I think Kelley Bradley wins it, so I'm not even gonna try.

The Bloody Munchkin

INTERFACE 2037 said...

She would play both opponents in a presidential election.

sowhatelse said...

Isn't it obvious? She'd play a straight woman, a boxing champ named Georgia, transitioning to a man. He's initially barred from competing in the men's division as George, but one Supreme Court decision later, he's ready for his WBA debut. Complications arise, and hilarity ensues, when he falls for his first opponent, an up-and-coming bantamweight named Tab Riprock (Zac Efron), who has a secret or two of his own. With Mink Stole as "Slats" and Queen Latifah as "Horace."

"Knockout," a John Waters production, coming May 2017.

Jason Adams said...

lol you guys rule

Anonymous said...

I Tilda Mockingbird

Daniel said...

I don't even care what it is so long as it happens.


retropian said...

It should have "Tildo" as in dildo somewhere in the title.

das buut said...

Tilda wakes up one day and realizes she's Divine in a woman's body. It's bloody awful because where she was a man in a dress before, she no longer has her beautiful body.

Lines include Tilda/Divine: I ate dogshit and now I've got the body of a twelve year-old boy. It's punishment, God's angry at me. Well, bitch, you've not seen Divine Wrath yet.

Later as she acclimates to the new body: It's great. People aren't sure to be turned on, turned off, or freak the fuck out. I made a model question her sexuality and I got this bullshit asshole in a suit to suck my ass. Pretty sure I coulda done that before, but now, it's like a super power. Who was this chick?