Monday, August 03, 2015

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

you can learn from:

Janey: Wendy... a person's body is his temple. This body is your first and last possession. Now... as your own parents have probably told you, in adolescence our bodies tend to betray us. That's why... in Samoa and other developing nations... adolescents are sent out into the woods, unarmed... and they don't come back till they've learned a thing or two. Do you understand?

In case you didn't notice what with this week's banner we're feeling Ang Lee's The Ice Storm this week -- we re-watched it yesterday for the thousandth time and as soon as we heard Siggy sell the hell out of this speech we knew it needed to have one of these posts dedicated to it. And then we decided that this week's edition of "Beauty Vs Beast" over at The Film Experience needed to tackle this movie as well, so we did that too. We got the Ice Storm fever! Head over to TFE to pick which 70s housewife you favor...

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par3182 said...

now i'm all outraged about sigourney's missing oscar nomination all over again

and all those missing nominations for the the ice storm [12, easily]