Monday, August 03, 2015

Wild Boys

Deadline's reporting that production on HBO's six-part Lewis and Clark miniseries starring Casey Affleck and (more importantly) Matthias Schoenaerts has been temporarily halted up in Canada because of weather as well as "creative differences" between the studio and the director John Curran - since Curran's actually now left the project I think they should give the "weather" excuse a rest probably, and just admit the latter's the real issue. Curran previously directed We Don't Live Here Anymore and The Painted Veil; HBO's apparently looking for his replacement as I type this. Whomever they choose I sure do hope they're someone who'll take full advantage of what they've got up there...

... perhaps David DeCoteau is free?


Glenn said...

More importantly (and likely more important to his being hired), Curran directed Tracks. I wonder if they didn't want something quite as cerebral that film.

Anonymous said...

Schoenaerts has had bad luck with his english projects.