Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Semi Gratuitous Jamie Bell

I have so so very much to catch up on this week - as you maybe noticed the week before my vacation was also one of exterior turmoil and the blog fell way behind. I've got lists and lists of links to stories that I missed and I'm gonna try to round-up some of them but there are just too too many to catch 'em all. One thing I kept taking note of though -- Jamie Bell's making the rounds!

He's got his Fantastic Four movie out next weekend and he's done several new photo-shoots in support of it... or maybe in support of reminding us of the fact that he's hot under all that Thing make-up slash CG they're gonna cram him in for that movie -- anyway whatever he's doing it for, we're supportive.

There are actually so many new and attractive pictures of him being his attractive ass self (via) that I figured I'd round them all up in one big post. And that's, as they say, this. 

Hit the jump for 17 more pics of our 
Billy Elliott boy all done growed up good...

(Thanks to Mac for the heads-up!)

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