Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Am Link

--- Future Smash - Demolition, the other other Jake Gyllenhaal movie coming out, the one that's not Everest or Southpaw (which no I haven't gotten a chance to see yet, I am a louse), the one directed by Dallas Buyer's Club (boo) and Wild (yay) director Jean-Marc Vallée and co-stars Naomi Watts, has gotten scooted off to next year, probably because of something Harvey Weinstein did damn him; it will actually be opening the Toronto Film Festival in the Fall though, and The Playlist has the first picture. It's just a picture of Jake. I'm sold!

--- Bailed By Eion - This all happened so quickly I wasn't even able to get excited before getting disappointed -- apparently last week my furry love Eion Bailey joined the cast of HBO's Westworld series, which would've put him possibly on-screen opposite James Marsden and immediately blown my synapses like so much malfunctioning robot. It would've been worth it though! His role was described as "hedonistic" which I translate to "sexy and naked." But, sigh, just as quick he's gone, replaced by Ben Barnes. Barnes is hot enough (some examples) but he's no Eion.

--- Saint Patty - I just realized I haven't even watched this yet myself but here's the trailer for Patrick Wilson's new sex movie (I wish that description were what I wanted it to be) called Zipper, in which he plays a dude (a hot one, since he's Patrick Wilson) who's sex obsessed. I haven't heard good stuff about this movie but clearly we'll watch Patrick Wilson be sex obsessed. Mostly we're just killing time waiting for Fargo to come back with his hot ass along for the ride though. Have you been seeing the little trailers FX has been airing? Oooh ooh ooh it looks so good!

--- We're In The Monkey - We saw that relatively unimpressive teaser for the new King Kong movie called Kong: Skull Island (I wish they'd go back to just Skull Island) so many many months ago it's already forgotten and they haven't even begin filming the thing yet; this world we live in is weird, you guys. Anyway the movie will apparently star Tom Hiddleston (that we already knew) and Brie Larson (which is the new news) so we're so so very there all the same. She's gonna make a great entry in the Ape Blonde lexicon!

--- Big Chop Charlie - I think it's safe to assume that you pervs have already perved over the lovely pictures of Charlie Hunnam on the cover and inside of Entertainment Weekly stroking his gigantic man-sword for that King Arthur movie he's starring in from Guy Ritchie, but maybe you missed this behind-the-scenes video of him talking about how much he loved stroking his gigantic man-sword? (thanks Mac) It's the sort of thing one wants to listen to, anyway.

--- Little Gray Suit - While I was away I missed the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's glorious life-changing 1985 film Pee-wee's Big Adventure on Sunday, but the funny man himself (Paul Reubens that is) celebrated it over on his website (thanks Mac) by sharing a bunch of never before seen pictures from the set - what struck me is how similar Paul still looks in his Pee-wee get-up (we should all take his lead and wear the same clothes for thirty years) while how very very young TIm Burton looks.

--- A Second Sense - Apparently Netflix still hasn't let the Wachowskis know if Sense8 has been renewed for a second season - boo, Netflix, boo! I need more hot dude mind orgies dammit. Gratuity aside (that's a goddamned big aside, granted) I really did come to love the show and I want more and more adventures with that pack of weirdos, so I hope they give it another go. I know reactions were pretty mixed but I'm really curious to see where they'd take it from here.

--- Can't Quit You - I feel like Out Magazine kinda jumped the gun by posting their 10 year anniversary piece on Brokeback Mountain this month since the movie's actual anniversary isn't until December but I guess they wanted to get the credit for screaming "FIRST!" and meaning it. Anyway it's a good read, (llots of good stuff from Jake and Anne Hathaway) although I just kept wishing Michelle Williams had participated - you really feel her absence. I don't know if it's just difficult for her to reminisce about that time what with losing Heath or what but I hope she can talk about it one day.

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