Friday, June 19, 2015

Which is Hotter?

Nevermind the fact that BD Wong looks like he's barely aged in the twenty-two years since Jurassic Park came out -- I'm more interested in the sinister edge he's allowed to give Dr. Wu in Jurassic World. Look how his coloring's gone black from white! It's all right there in the turtleneck. I'm digging the darkness!

I might not have been into Jurassic World all that much (here's my review) but I did like that they gave Wu more of a character this time around (BD liked that fact too) and it definitely feels like  his character's a bridge unto a sequel. Hopefully they don't leave him out in the rain like that Barbasol can. Or poor Dodgson! I want Dodgson in the next one dammit. Call it Jurassic We've Got Dodgson Here and then call it a day!


Anonymous said...

asian don't raisin bitch

Walter L. Hollmann said...

His slacks were quite snug, I noticed.