Monday, June 01, 2015

Thrust It Chris Pratt Thrust It

I'd seen gifs of this behind-the-scenes moment making the rounds for a few days (via, thanks Mac) but it took me a bit to find the source video; did you know that what I can only guess is about 90% of Jurassic World has already been released in clip form on the internet? It's a bit of overkill, guys. 

Anyway here's the clip with Chris tossing his tight-trousered bulge around like nobody's business. JW premiered in Paris over the weekend and I skimmed good things about it! My hopes and dreams are beginning to grow as full and rich as his pants seem to be!


Anonymous said...

That thrusting crotch is mesmerizing.

yinzerella said...

I approve of this.

Serious Hat said...

It's "All for You."

Unknown said...

I noticed when he said to the Raptors "Eyes on me!" , my friend sitting next to me had her eyes on his package as she said "Ooooohh!". I know from experience that kind of sound isn't in awe from seeing a guy tame a pack of ferocious dinosaurs.