Friday, June 05, 2015

Smile Like You're Patrick Wilson

So who's planning on seeing Insidious: Chapter 3 this weekend? Somehow it just snuck up on me, I had no idea it was even out. I think if Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne had hung around for a third go at it I probably would've been paying more attention. Still I loved the first two and I've skimmed enough tweet opinions over the past 24 hours to be curious, so I will probably find time for it. I am also seeing the new doc by the maker of Room 237 called The Nightmare about sleep paralysis because I've heard it's terrifying.

If you're not seeing these, what are you seeing? 
Remember -- see Spy! And have a great weekend!


Mads said...

If going to the movies was cheaper here I might have checked it out, but there's really not much there to entice me. Had Patrick still been involved, though…

I did, however, see Spy as you requested, and I really enjoyed it. If McCarthy doesn't score a Golden Globe nom I'll be utterly perplexed. Byrne was incredible, Statham a riot, and Law - well, he's very pretty. Oh! And what a treat to see Hart actually get a decent part, not just a throwaway bit at the beginning.

Uncle Mike said...

Insidious 3 was pretty good. It provides a good introduction to the characters we already know, and has some great jump scares. But it's nothing we haven't seen before. Tucker's Mr. T Mohawk is almost worth the price of admission by itself.

Anonymous said...

would love to hear your take on Nightmare