Friday, June 05, 2015

Jude Law Has Nothing To Hide

I don't think there's been one single male celebrity whose fashion choices have seemed more inexplicable to me over all the years while he's managed to stay hot inside all their ridiculousness than Jude. I have side-eyed so many scoop-necks and beanie caps, and yet my love for him has never diminished.

I can only imagine what his closet looks like, the hives it would make me break out in,but if he were there with me, trying on all that garbage like a Pretty Woman montage gone to seed, well I would deal. I'd manage! Invite me over, Jude - I'll prove my mettle.

This message has been brought to you by Spy, out in theaters today, in which Jude is awesomely funny even though I never mentioned that fact in my review. And look at this poster below -- oh to be in Melissa McCarthy's position!


Anonymous said...

His outfits have show a little personality don't you think whether you like it or not. Unlike all the sheeples in Hollywood and across the pond. said...

You know that Jude knows that he's a sexy fuck, no matter what he's wearing.