Monday, June 22, 2015

Good Morning, World

I haven't actually even watched last night's second season premiere of True Detective myself yet but I keep my ear (is that my ear though?) to the ground and so I knew that Taylor Kitsch would be showing off some bum therein -- although boner was a surprise! (Boner is always a surprise) --  and god forbid I wait until I have a chance to see the episode properly to spoil a bunch of it for myself by fast-forwarding through it to find said bum and share said bum as quickly as my capping fingers can make it happen.

You guys can go ahead and tell me in the comments if you think I will like what I see... I mean I like what I am seeing right this moment, I like the Taylor Kitch nudity very much. I mean the other stuff surrounding it - the show itself, that is. I've seen opinions all over the map.

(Hello.) I ended up hating the first season of True Detective, as you might recall; it started out interesting - and it had some very fine film-making going on all through it - but McConaughey's a clown and Nic Pizzolatto's a garbage writer and it devolved into nonsense by the end. But I am curious about #2 because save Vince Vaughn I like the cast. So tell me what you thought, and if you think I will like it.


Roark said...

I thought it was pretty bad - some hypnotic moments, but overall veering dangerously close to self parody. Kitsch was the only saving grace (and not just the nudity - his character is the only one who comes off like a real human being and not a genre cartoon).

Homeslaughter said...

Age is not making his face any more interesting.

Lisa said...
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