Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Good Morning, World

Nico Tortorella makes this so easy for me - here are two more pictures from his Instagram, the gift that keeps on giving. I hope every single person in Hollywood is watching this thing and crafting hairy-chested sex-thrillers around him right this second. Unrelated sidenote: posting this morning will be as sparse as his body is thick with fur, as I forgot I've got a doctor's appointment. I imagine these photographs will hold you over until I'm back.


tanpoffel said...

I have no idea who this guy even is but he can totally stay. Woof.

Anonymous said...

I remember him from Twelve and Scream 4. He was just another bland sexless possibly gay pretty boy in a sea of bland sexless possibly gay pretty boys. Weren't there rumors about him and Bryan Singer? Now he's suddenly hairy and posing half naked online every day. Did he suddenly get buff and wants to show it off or is he auditioning for porn or something?