Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good Morning, Aaron

If you follow me on Twitter then you already know I had a spazz-attack when the rest of Aaron Johnson's shoot for Flaunt popped up about an hour (an hour too late) after I posted the cover picture last night. I'd already left work and was on my way to see a concert and so they had to wait til this morning. Boo. But really...

... that is no boo. Boom (as in Boom Boom) maybe.
Badonkadonk, definitely.

But boo, no way. The shoot's great. It's about as much as I could've hoped for. I am totally into the whole El Topo sex-cult vibe; Aaron Johnson will hypnotize us all with his prodigious buttocks and lead us into the desert to be his beck and call boys and girls and it will be the greatest badonkadonk El Topo sex-cult there ever was or ever will be. Halle-fucking-luiah.

There are a ton of pictures anyway, so hit the jump and 
together we will worship upon the altar of Aaron...


Jamie said...

His ass is perfect, I'd fuck that hard :)

Jeremy Gosling-Timberlake said...

He may be a beautiful granma fucker but that doesn't change the fact that he seems to be a bit of a homophobic cunt. While promoting Avengers Age of Ultron he and Paul Bettany appeared on the Chatty Man, a UK talk show hosted by an exceptionally flamboyant gay man named Alan Carr. Paul Bettany was his cordial self and chatted away and participated in the interview as he would with a heterosexual host. Aaron on the other hand was curt, standoffish and just plain rude and had a look of disgust plastered across his face for the duration of the "ordeal". He answered all questions addressed him with grunts and even at times directed his answers to Paul Bettany in an apparent attempt at avoiding interaction with the "lisping queer".

Sufficed to say, even though I'd fuck him I still think he's an utter twat.