Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Even More Dreadful

Put on your heaviest finery and let's throw a blood ball together to celebrate - Penny Dreadful has just gotten renewed for a third season! In the wake of too many things I love getting shit-canned because of low ratings I've stopped paying attention to ratings altogether, so I really have no idea how the show does... but it must do well enough! Watching this week's episode last night I had the same thought I have every week - good goddamn this show looks expensive! Alongside A Game of Thrones these shows are redefining what television can be, I think, speaking craftsman-wise. They don't skimp on the specifics. I mean, the budget on Josh Hartnett's hair-care alone must be in the six digits...

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Nico said...

I love this show ! So happy about the news. The episode with Patti Lupone was amazing.