Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good Gods Yes

Well it looks as if Starz is going to be the place to be, TV-wise, very soon - they've already started making Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell's return to the Evil Dead, and now they've just given the official green-light to Bryan Fuller and Michael "Heroes" Green's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book American Gods! This was announced as a possibility last July but it's been quiet since then - well, quiet no more! The casting search for the leading role of Shadow is priority number one, apparently. I'm hesitant to offer up casting ideas because I haven't read AG in at least ten years; I'm gonna pick it back up and give it a refresher ASAP. Do y'all have suggestions though? Please share! Other characters too!


George G said...

Funny, I LOVED American Gods first time I read it, but when I attempted a reread years later, I couldn't get past the first few pages. I'm no sure what it was.

I seem to recall always thinking of Vin Diesel for Shadow, for no apparent reason.

Leighton said...

I could see Kellen Lutz with a few prison tatoos and very little else, I can see it clearly!