Friday, May 08, 2015

What's That Rich And Dark Aroma

Chocolate City aka "The Black Magic Mike" is out in two weeks and male model Tyson Beckford, probably the most recognizable face in the cast (besides the ladies), is out doing press, which apparently included stripping in Vegas this weekend. We need more press tours like this! Here's the video:
I hate having to use TMZ (not to mention their gigantic watermarks) to show this but whatcha gonna do. Anyway Tyson also did a nice little chat with Out Magazine yadda yadda brown cheeks.

"You get a good percentage of good brown cheeks. I worked out hard in the gym. I was squatting a lot to get these cheeks tight. Not that they weren’t tight before, but they were super tight for this role.”

Tyson Beckford obviously loves talking about his ass, and with good reason. Tyson Beckford also likes showing off his ass...

... and that is also with good reason! It's good to know we're at least getting some ass in the movie though, since the trailer kept everything above the waist. Prudes. You can watch the Chocolate City trailer right here, and you can see a whole slew of "Tyson Beckford posing half-naked on Instagram pictures" right here. Or you could just hit the jump, where we're posting a ton more. So simple, so smooth...

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mangrove said...

Now that's how you promote a male stripper movie.

Thank you for finally righting the trailer's wrongs JA.