Friday, May 08, 2015

I Need Some Gerwig In My Life

I was just going through IMDb's release date schedule for the summer and putting the movies I want to see into my calendar and it looks like I've got to dive back in and add one more: Noah Baumbach's Mistress America, his sister-wife companion piece to Frances Ha (I don't really know what to call them - they're not really related except he and Greta pounded them both out on the cheap around the same time), is coming out on August 14th.

Huzzah! I've been thirsty for this sumbitch for too long, too long, too long. it played some festival already (Toronto? Sundance maybe? I'm feeling too lazy to look it up) and got very good reviews and I want it inside my person immediately. The film stars Greta and Lola Kirke (sister of that Girls woman) as step-sisters with crazy sophisticate schemes (these are IndieWire's words, by the way, I am just regurgitating them).

Dropping this small character-centric indie in the Summer Movie Season's a smart move, methinks - it's late enough in the summer that people will be looking for some substance, probably. August 14th is the same day that Guy Ritchie's The Man From UNCLE with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer comes out... let's look back at this date in ten years and see which one of these two films is the true success, okay? Okay.

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