Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... giving a great big hot bear hug 
to Thomas Jane and James Marsden.

See, that's me! I'm coming to getcha, boys!

Don't you gimme that look, Thomas Jane. You're the one who signed on to star in a movie called Into the Grizzly Maze, for god's sake - who are you to judge? And as for James...

... doesn't it seem as if he's been in fifty movies this year? I feel like I have seen a lot of James Marsden lately. And yet, not the right lot. Bah humbug. Anyway here's the trailer (via, thanks Mac) for Into the Grizzly Maze, which is a thing, a movie even, that people got together and made, and that will actually be available for other people, probably mostly those who are related to or friends with those same people who made this delightful terrible-seeming thing, to watch, and this Tuesday at that. What a world.

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mangrove said...

But, but... What about the masterpiece that is Chocolate City?