Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Trials & Tribulations of Kit Harington, Hunk

I'm going to give Kit the benefit of selective silence and not quote the portion of his new interview with Out magazine where he goes back to the "It's demeaning to be a hunk!" well and attempts to qualify what he was getting at (you had it right the first time, Kit - just let it go, dude! Showing off your perfect abs does not a martyr make) and instead quote the portion where he talks about visiting the ruins of Pompeii after he made that movie:

"Completely phallic-obsessed! It was good luck to kind of touch a penis. Did you see the brothels bit? They’ve still got the murals of early pornographic pictures, basically. It was really interesting."

I know you know nothing, Jon Snow, but it is STILL good luck to touch a penis, and none of this "kind of" business either. Come here and I will show you just how lucky a man can be.

And at least the interviewer points out to Kit how oiled up and half-naked he was in that film, immediately after decrying his poor me exploitations. "Gladiators!!!" he screams, as if he's Elizabeth Taylor at The Golden Globes. We got yer number, boy.

(But as a side-note you might recall that I visited Pompeii myself last year and personally - personally! - noted all the cock myself. It was striking! What a wonderful weird place.)

Head over to Out for the entire interview; save his beefcake oppression it's a fun enough read - he talks about the gayness of the Night's Watch and the topic of his upcoming movie with Xavier Dolan's raised as well. I'm sure Xavier hired him for nothing having to do with his looks whatsoever.

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