Friday, May 15, 2015

Good Morning, World

Today is the 45th birthday of the actor Brad Rowe - he's the second one coming into the shower above; not the bared-assed one leaving. hey remember when Primetime TV showed butts? Do they do that anymore? I feel as if they've ceded butts to Basic Cable. Anyway this was a 1999 show called Wasteland that I have zero recollection of at all; any of my fellow old fogies remember it?

In this scene Brad's cute friend there (played by Dan Montgomery Jr, who hasn't worked since 2005) comes out to him, as one does, while your dicks are out in a public place. Great timing, dude.

I wasn't surprised to see that Rowe's got a role on a TV show right now though; for as hot second he could've had Brad Pitt's career if Brad Pitt hadn't already been Brad Pitt. Anyway he's apparently on that Perception cop thing with Will from Will and Grace that I'm pretty sure might only actually exist as some kind of a ponzi scheme by the bus-side advertising racket. (See more Rowe here and here)


shawnp said...

aww. Why doesn't Tina Holmes get more work?

Anonymous said...

I actually remember Wasteland. It was the first time I ever saw Brad Rowe and it was an instant crush. I was quite enjoying the show and then it got cancelled. I remember being crushed about not getting to see him shirtless so soon. It took me years to catch up with Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and then there was Shelter. Still, I don't think we get to see him enough.

Jim said...

Dan Montgomery Jr. was pretty intense in Red Dirt.