Friday, May 29, 2015

The Moment I Fell For... Maika Monroe

It is our new scream queen Maika Monroe's 22nd birthday today, so I figured I needed to give her some love... and what better way to give her some love than by the lot of us ogling Dan Stevens' half-naked torso together?

Have you seen The Guest yet? I've seen The Guest maybe three times, maybe four times, and fine gratuity aside this scene is when the movie's delightful silliness really kicks into place for me and the movie starts to make sense, tonally.

Yeah that right there, that's when I knew 
me and Maika could totally be friends.

I know this post's supposed to be about her but it'd be cruel to not include the money shot. She wouldn't want that either! Anyway there's a great snippet of the blu-ray's director commentary uploaded onto YouTube over this scene, and you've got to listen to what Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett say about shooting it, it's great. They get it.
If Maika had just done this I'd love her but now with the fan-fucking-tastic It Follows also under her belt I am even more smitten. I hope she can manage on more great horror flick before she graduates on to, you know, Independence Day sequels... ahh too late.


AFK said...

That's exactly the moment I too fell for Maika Monroe (with a spice of Dan Stevens). Love her! She was great in deliciously wicked The Guest and now she's even more fascinating in It Follows. I think I have found myself a new favorite actress in her. Glad your post reminded me of her birthday ^‿^

Anonymous said...

This movie was a great black comedy thriller film of 2014. The story was really nice and Maika Monroe was really hot at this movie. Try watch this movie and tell about this movie how great this was.

Ryan T. said...

I've started calling him DAMN STEVENS. Because. Oh and she's great as is this movie.