Friday, May 29, 2015

Jake Gyllenhaal Nine Times

Jake's looking fine in the new issue of Esquire UK! (pica via)
I love this photo-shoot. Classic Jake! 

Also classic is the interview inside - specifically the part where they talk to his Constellations co-star (and rumored sex-partner) Ruth Wilson. The magazine make it sound SO sexless and platonic...

"After the show, they'd go out to dinner with friends. Gyllenhaal invited her to his family's Christmas celebrations."

And then there's this bit from Ruth herself:

"We'd warm up every day, singing on stage and he knows all the lyrics to Drake songs. And Motown and Springsteen. He knows the words to show-tunes too. We went to dinner with my uncle, who puts on musicals at his Norfolk community centre, and he and Jake were singing show-tunes to each other in the middle of Balthazar. He should really do a musical."

Shade, Ruth Wilson! SHADE.

In other Jake news, his film Demolition with Wild and Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallee, just got picked up to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September! Between that and Harvey Weinstein's enthusiasm about Southpaw things really are looking good for Jake come awards season. And speaking of the latter hey look a new picture!

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